Papers from the 1st International Conference on Contemporary Esotericism

Below you can find a selection of papers presented at the  1st International Conference on Contemporary Esotericism, which was held at Stockholm University, August 27-29, 2012. The copyright of material found on this site (documents and powerpoints) belongs exclusively to each author. For questions about using or reproducing the material, please contact the individual author.


Baroni, Francesco: “Idealism and Magic in 20th Century Italy (1910-1940): How Italian Scholars Discovered Western Esotericism”

Kenney, J. Scott: “Freemasons Today: Thematic Claims of Life Changes Since Becoming a Mason”

Kingsepp, Eva: “The Power of the Black Sun: (Oc)cultural Perspectives on Nazi/SS Esotericism”

Petersen, Jesper Aagaard: “Bracketing Beelzebub: Satanism Studies and/as Boundary Work “

Rostad, Aslak: “Contemporary Fraternalism in Norway as Moral Elitism”

Silva, Francisco Santos: “Jorge Ben Jor and Raul Seixas: Two Brazilian Esotericist pop-musicians in the 1970s”

Tilton, Hereward: “Discord and Desecration at Esoteric Glastonbury: The Long Shadows of the English Reformation”

… Stay tuned, more papers to come!


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