Susannah Crockford

Dr Susannah Crockford is currently a post-doctoral researcher in the NARMESH project at Ghent University, which is funded by the European Research Council and led by Professor Marco Caracciolo of the Literary Studies Department. An anthropologist by training, Susannah’s role in the NARMESH project is to collect personal narratives of the interconnection between humans, nonhumans, and climate, with a view to contributing to greater understanding of how conceptualisations of this interconnection affect attitudes towards climate change and the Anthropocene. In July 2017, she completed her PhD in anthropology at the London School of Economics, based on participant observation fieldwork in Sedona and Valle, Northern Arizona, studying ‘new age’ spirituality in contemporary American society. Previously, she earned an MA in western esotericism from the University of Amsterdam and an undergraduate degree in anthropology and archaeology from the University of Cambridge. Her research interests include ‘global’ spirituality or ‘new age’, new religious movements, mesmerism, spiritualism, shamanism, conspiracies, and interactions between politics, economics, and minority religions.