Egil Asprem

Egil Asprem is Associate Professor in the History of Religions at Stockholm University, Sweden. His research interests  include historical and contemporary issues in the intersecting fields of esotericism, religious studies, and intellectual history, as well as the cognitive science of religion. He is the author of  Arguing with Angels: Enochian Magic and Modern Occulture (2012), and The Problem of Disenchantment: Scientific Naturalism and Esoteric Discourse, 1900–1939 (2014). Together with Kennet Granholm, he is the editor of Contemporary Esotericism (2013). Asprem serves on the board of the European Society for the Study of Western Esotericism (ESSWE), and is currently  the society’s membership secretary and treasurer.

For more information about Asprem’s research, please visit his profile.


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