CRESARCH stands for ContERN Repository for Self-Archiving. It is an archive of academic texts on contemporary esotericism available for free.

A repository for pre- and post-print articles

Quick and easy access to publications is essential to the proper functioning of academic research. This is especially true for the study of contemporary esotericism, where new trends emerge rapidly and data quickly gets out of date. While many journals are switching to open-access models, a lot of research is still buried in long publication queues, hidden behind expensive paywalls, or in anthologies with limited print-runs. Most publishers do however allow authors to self-archive pre-print or post-print versions of their articles prior to official publication. In order to ease access to new research on contemporary esotericism, ContERN has launched CRESARCH: a self-archiving repository where authors can upload versions of their texts that are not covered by their respective publishers’ embargo policies.

What is a pre-/-post-print version?

A pre-print manuscript is your article before the publisher has added any value. Generally, it is the text as submitted to a journal or anthology, prior to peer review. A post-print is your text after comments from peer review have been incorporated, but before production (e.g. copy-editing, typesetting). Both categories differ from the final published article. With the increasing demand for open-access (e.g. by funding bodies and universities), most publishers now accept self-archiving of at least the pre-print version at any time, while embargo periods may apply to post-prints. Read more about these categories and publisher practices on the SHERPA/RoMEO website.

How do I do it?

In order to self-archive your article in CRESARCH, please go through the following steps.

  1. Check your publisher’s self-archiving policy. The SHERPA/RoMEO database is a useful tool for looking up specific journals’ policies with ease.
  2. Make sure the document you want to upload includes accurate information about the intended/forthcoming publication outlet.
  3. Contact the ContERN administrators (contern.esswe@gmail.com), mentioning your journal/publisher’s policy and attaching the file ready for upload. Please look at the existing listing to see what information to include and in what order.
  4. A ContERN administrator will make your article available in the repository. NB: As our work on the repository is entirely pro bono, please allow some time for helping you upload your article.