ContERN meeting at ESSWE5 in Riga, April 18

The fifth international ESSWE congress is coming up very soon in Riga, Latvia (April 16-18). ContERN will not be hosting any special sessions this year, but we do have a reserved slot for a brief business meeting. The ContERN meeting is scheduled for Saturday morning (April 18), at 08.30. More details about locations will be available as the congress organizer publicize the full program.

We encourage everyone who is going to the ESSWE conference and is working on any aspect of contemporary esotericism to show up for this meeting. It’s a good opportunity to meet up, brain storm about future projects, and strategize together. Getting your views on possible initiatives and collaborative projects will be the main priority of the meeting.

The ContERN organizers do, however, also bring a new project to the table that we want your input on. We are planning a ContERN special issue in Correspondences, and will want to discuss your ideas on scope, topics, and possible involvement as a contributor. Aren Roukema, one of the founders and co-editors of the journal, will be present at the meeting, so we can have a full scale discussion about format, deadlines, and any editorial issues you might have. Egil Asprem will chair the meeting.

Hope to see you in Riga!


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    The ESSWE conference is coming up again, this time in Riga, Latvia. Here is a post on the ContERN meeting that will take place during the conference, and news about a planned special issue of Correspondences on contemporary esotericism. Do also check out the schedule for the Riga conference (link in post).

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