Introducing the ContERN YouTube channel

Following last year’s Contemporary Esotericism conference in Stockholm we proudly promised that video material from the conference would be made available on the ContERN website. It’s taken us no less than 14 months, but today we finally release a first teaser from the conference: The welcome address and introductory lecture. On this occasion we would like to point your attention to the ContERN YouTube channel, created for the purpose of uploading and distributing video and audio material from our events. This is where the rest of the material from the 2012 Stockholm conference will emerge in due time.

After all this delay we are sorry to say that the quality of the videos (in terms of resolution) is not what we had hoped for. This is due to technical problems that arose with the material we had recorded. Luckily, there were at least one video track useable for the recorded lectures, and most importantly, the audio is clear. We hope that you will find the results useful despite the unfortunately grainy and static images.

We will release the rest of the material from the conference in upcoming weeks, so stay tuned! Besides being posted here and on YouTube, we keep a video archive in the pages you find under the top-right button on this website (“Online lectures”).


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Scholar of religion, science, and all things esoteric. Based in Santa Barbara.
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