Announcing ContERN session at ESSWE 4 conference

The ESSWE4 conference in Gothenburg is only a month and a half away, and judging from the conference website it is looking quite promising. As previously mentioned, there will be a ContERN panel session at the conference. We are happy to announce that a time for this event has now been confirmed: June 28, at 13.00-14.00. A full description of the panel event follows below.

ContERN Panel Discussion: Problems and Potentials in the Study of Contemporary Esotericism

(Convened and moderated by Egil Asprem & Kennet Granholm)

In 2012, the hitherto neglected study of contemporary esotericism was put firmly on the research agenda of esotericism scholars: The year saw the foundation of the Contemporary Esotericism Research Network (ContERN), the organization of the 1st International Conference on Contemporary Esotericism in Stockholm, and the publication of a major collected volume, Contemporary Esotericism (Equinox / Acumen, eds. Asprem & Granholm). This panel discussion, arranged by ESSWE’s ContERN network, is intended as a platform to continue the open scholarly conversation on challenges and possibilities in the study of contemporary esotericism. The panelists will discuss questions such as: What are the boundaries of contemporary esotericism? Where do we find it? How do we study it? How is it related to processes of social change, the emergence of social networking, new media and new communication technologies, changing patterns of globalization, social migration and mobility? How can we stimulate the interdisciplinarity that is needed for a successful study of contemporary esotericism? How does (or ought) such a study relate to developments in neighbouring disciplines, such as the study of new religious movements? How can a systematic study of contemporary esotericism reflect and impact on the historical study of esotericism? The main goal of the panel is to encourage open discussion and critical reflection. Ample time will therefore be left to engage in group-discussion where the audience and the panelists can interact freely.

Participants: Dr. Kennet Granholm (University of Stockholm, co-founder of ContERN) & Dr. Egil Asprem (University of Amsterdam, co-founder of ContERN); Dr. Massimo Introvigne (managing director of CESNUR); Dr. Marco Pasi (University of Amsterdam); Prof.Dr. Wouter J. Hanegraaff (University of Amsterdam, president of ESSWE); Dr. Henrik Bogdan (University of Gothenburg, organizer of ESSWE4).


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    The big event of the year for esotericism scholars in Europe is fast approaching: the ESSWE4 conference. During this event, there will be a special panel session on contemporary esotericism, arranged by the ContERN network. It deals with fundamental challenges for research on contemporary esotericism, and features some well-known scholars of modern and contemporary esoteric and religious movements. Read more about it at the ContERN website.

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